Phil’s Other Train Layout    So during Memorial Day weekend this year, I decide to do some cleaning and rearranging of stuff in my attic. And one thing I decided to do was put down some underlayment paper on top of the plank boards which compose the attic floor. And then I heard a ding. No, it wasn’t the doorbell but the light bulb going off over my head and I said to myself, “Self?” and I said “Yes?” and I said, “Do we dare attempt to set up the Lionel trains in the attic like they were 10 years ago?” and I said “Why not!!” Next thing you know I am looking thru the boxes that I had my old Lionel trains in. As I went thru them, I remembered back to the times before and after my divorce when I was setting them up in the attic and my kids were watching me. After the divorce, I needed something to keep me busy and I built a double track main line thru the attic and it was quite the layout. But then I got busy with my HO scale layout in my basement and the attic layout became an afterthoug